Apollodor – Addicted to aviation

Our Addiction to Aviation propels us.

With enthusiasm we are continuously working on our pride and joy – our unique Planningcharts. We constantly try to improve them by incorporating new ideas.

Your performance during flight training and checking will be much better, when conducted without pressure. With plenty of background knowledge and detailed explanations simulator session can be fun.

Documentation can be a dry subject. It helps a lot, when you have worked with various publications and know the conherences.

Our Services

We are the creators of the world-valued unique



Charts for commercial aviation

Focussed on the essential

All relevant information on a single page

Contain actual NAT-tracks

Daily generation


Support for flight preparation and conduct

Increase of situational awareness

Worldwide utilisation by thousands of commercial long-haul pilots

Not for Navigational Use!

Flight training

In cooperation with a major training organisation

we offer:

Flight training on A310/300-600 and A340

Check flights and licence revalidation on A310/300-600


Contact for Flight Training

Aviation-related documentation

We offer the following services:

Preparation of Operation Manuals and training Documentation

Correction of documents above

Translation services German – English for aviation-related material

Contact for More Information

Who is behind Apollodor?

Dieter Spiess gen. Bongard

Founder, Owner and Managing Director of Apollodor GmbH

For more than 30 years working with enthusiasm in several areas of commercial aviation:

  • Flight Captain Airbus A330/340/340-600

  • Type Rating Instructor and Examiner Airbus A310/300-600

  • Type Rating Instructor Airbus A340

  • UPRT Core Trainer

Experience in Training management A310/300-600

Experience in preparation of documentation A310/300-600

IFALPA Accredited Aircraft Accident Investigator

How to reach us

Apollodor GmbH

Dieter Spiess gen. Bongard

Vollradser Allee 45
65375 Oestrich-Winkel


Phone: +49-6723-60 39 24

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